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Mistake #1: Procrastinating or Thinking that You Are too Young to Need a Plan

Does this sound like something you might say?

  • I’m too young to worry about protecting my property.
  • I don’t have enough to protect.
  • Maybe I’ll take care of planning when I have more time to focus on it.

Many people make the #1 mistake procrastinating when it comes to planning for their loved ones or assets.  They think they are too young to worry about needing a plan or wonder what if I pass away too soon?

One of my clients who was 45-years-old passed away unexpectedly leaving behind his wife and 13-year-old daughter.  Most people don’t know this, but when you pass away and don’t have a will, half of your money goes to your spouse and half your money goes to your child. And when your child (or children) are 18, they receive all of the money at once. For my client’s family, his wife and daughter were fighting before he passed away, but afterward, the fighting worsened.  In fact it got so bad that the daughter ended up at a special school for troubled youth. But when she turned 18, she got $300,000. It was a tremendous amount of court fights before she received the money and then afterward once she was awarded the money from her father’s estate.  I don’t think that the money ever got spent the way that the father, my client, had intended. Instead, the fact that he didn’t have a will ensured that his wife and daughter carried on fighting in court and experienced years of pain and hurt.

Your story can have a very different ending than my client’s.  In my short Masterclass,  How to Protect Your Family’s Assets and Leave a Lasting Legacy, I share the secrets of how you can prevent the government getting involved in your affairs and create peace of mind that your assets will go to the family members of your choosing and do all of this while also preventing family fights.

If that’s what you’re hoping to achieve, then be sure to check out the Masterclass now.